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metro escalator malfunctioned. >> there was no warning, nothing. >> what happened during a major escalator malfunction. option.s not an >> 911 workers furloughed. and google changes. how the popular site is changing search results and why.
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>> getting ready for the oscars is no easy task. i talked to the people who make the magic. captioned by the national captioning institute metro has released new video of a escalade to malfunction that caused systemwide it changes at the l'enfant metro station this past october. richard reeve is live at the metro station with more. >> this was after the massive jon stewart/stephen colbert rally. after that was a scathing audit. tonight, the center escalator at one font plaza station is working just fine. >> it is unbelievable.
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>> as this surveillance video shows, not so much several months ago. >> very scary, especially if it is rush hour. that would be frightening. >> october 30, a saturday. watch as this escalator ride it turns dangerous and chaotic, six people injured. >> the escalator at lurched and zipped forward. >> these people were in the middle of it, thrown to the ground. >> people started piling on top of each other. >> tonight, we showed the video to a number of uncomfortable metro riders. >> to know that could have happened is scary. >> all of this father's rigid follows another metro escalator
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collapsed at the foggy bottom station just a week ago. >> it could be updated. i am sure they have the personnel and the equipment to do it, but they are not proving it. >> those people escaped with bumps and bruises. they said it was a brake failure. since then, mr. has inspected all of their escalators. metro has expected all of their escalators and the system and they now have a maintenance program that is costing millions of dollars. richard reeve, abc 7 news. abc 7 news has learned at 911 workers will be furloughed in the coming weeks because of budget cuts. some say that will impact safety. john gonzalez explains both sides. >> tonight on the fun we spoke with the deputy mayor for public safety and he said residents will never be in danger of a
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furlough day, but he says the first round of furloughs this week was not perfect. he promised it will get better, but tonight some disagree. it was not hard tonight to find people in the district who had serious emergencies in the past and had to call 911. >> it came very quickly. >> between this past tuesday and yesterday, more than 40911 calls in the city went unanswered. -- more than 400 911 calls in the city went unanswered. to close the massive budget gap, d.c. government employees have been asked to take mandatory for lows. the police department and fire department are exempt, but those manning 911 are not. they have to stay home for days during the fiscal cycle. >> it is not just about money, it is about making and saving lives.
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>> city officials say the 911 system still answers calls well above the national average, 96% of calls answered under five seconds. >> we don't do it as a standard business practice, but it is our fallback. >> they say the combined system is downright dangerous. >> now you have 80-100 police officers operating on one radio channel. >> more than 300 calls were abated yesterday, but city officials say the impact from the furloughs was minimal. in fact, they say they answered about 4400 calls. on an average day without furloughs, about 40 calls are missed. 24 hours after the ferocious winds storm, people are cleaning up the mess left behind and
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assessing the damage. this home in springfield, va., took quite a hit when a tree came crashing down. nobody was hurt. in northeast, d.c., a powerful storm blew the roof off of this apartment complex and several families were displaced. we are in for some big changes. steve rudin has more on that. >> the wind has diminished quite a bit. the current wind speed, 7-10 m.p.h. in manassas and quantico, out of the south, six small per hour in fredericksburg. 41 degrees at reagan national, freezing in frederick. not a lot of tremendously cold air out there, but we're looking for the clouds to stick around overnight. that allows the temperatures not to fall a lot more. we have the warm front on the
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way, along with a big warmup for the day monday. the chance of severe thunderstorms. a complete look at the forecast from the belfort furniture weather center in a few minutes. pamela? >> fenty, steve. president obama warns that the federal government will suffer if they shut down next week unless congress can work out a budget compromise. republicans have proposed deep spending cuts. the stop got measure is being considered. the proposal would cut $4 billion of spending and keep the government running until mid march. turning out to the oscar countdown, the red carpet has been ruled out, the performers have rehearsed, and soon it will be time for the stars to shine. cynne simpson and it arch campbell are live in hollywood. hi, guys, it must be fun. >> pamela, it has been amazing.
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we have only been here quite -- a couple days, but we are creating quite a splash. check it out, our logo in lights. and check this out, a star in our honor. >> that is not the permanent one. >> i am confident that it is coming. the red carpet and all of its presentation is weeks in the making, but the stars have been working on this for weeks. they say hollywood is the land of beautiful people. >> everything will be designer. everybody wants to look impressive. >> no detail is unnoticed, from expensive watches to designer bags, shoes and clothing. >> it is totally worth it.
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>> when you are surrounded by everyone being fashion forward, shining under the spotlight means amping that out. millions of dollars worth of bling, or a picture perfect hair do that will hopefully make magazine covers. >> you have to see it. this celebrity hairstylist considers himself an artist and is often hired to work as part of a celebrity glam squad. this rate is $1,700 per five hours, and he is the member of the kurds. >> there are five different people. that californians say that is the way it goes. >> it is frightening, but especially for a high-profile event, this is big. beverly hills salon
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owner says everybody is looking for somebody to make them look like a star. >> as long as you have the money to pay for it, yes, what ever you can imagine. >> the newest close, the best restaurants. >> you have to be fabulous. >> i want to know what your regiment will be tomorrow. >> you don't want to know. in addition, the economy it's a huge boost in l.a. when it is oscar season, more people at the restaurants and retailers and a lot more tourism. >> tomorrow at 6:30, we will be on abc 7 news with the preparations and predictions, and the red carpet should begin. >> i am looking forward to it. that is the latest from hollywood.
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cynne simpson and -- >> rich campbell, abc 7 news. -- arch campbell, abc 7 news. >> have you seen any stars out there? >> yeah. >> we saw regina king yesterday, collecting about $55,000 worth of freebies. >> and i saw a guy who missed out on being superman, but i forgot his name. >> and also an oscar award winner. >> that is right, russell williams. >> just wait until tomorrow, it will be amazing. >> spider-man just walked by. >> who? >> spider-man. he is in the house. cat woman, all kinds of stars. and one of the stars from beetle juice. >> have a great time. be sure to stay with us tomorrow
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for our exclusive oscar coverage. cynne simpson will be on the red carpet for the early newscast. and also after the oscars are over. still to come, major developments in the libyan crisis over the past few hours. plus, efforts to prevent a major measles outbreak. and charlie sheen and exclusive.
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turning to the crisis in libya, new developments. president obama has issued his strongest words, calling on libyan leader muammar gaddafi to leave. also this evening, the u.n. security council slapped sanctions on gaddafi and his family for their brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters. >> the international community will not tolerate violence of any sort against the libyan people by their government or security forces. >> gaddafi is not going down
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without a fight. members of his regime have set up checkpoints through the capital-letter trying to repel and the government forces. fire crews in central florida are battling a major breast fire -- brush fire at 1:00 this afternoon. the smoke spread to interstate 95, affecting driver's visibility. maryland and virginia authorities warned that people who work or travel through two d.c. area airports may have been exposed to the measles from london. the woman took a southwest flight out of bwi airport tuesday and flew to denver and albuquerque. the cdc is trying to track down anyone who may have been exposed. >> public health authorities consider this a medical urgency,
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not emergency. they will do everything they can to crack down everyone. >> measles is highly contagious, but most americans have been fascinated. symptoms can develop up to two weeks after exposure, including a high fever, or knows, cough, and red rash. anyone with symptoms should contact their doctor. >> 7 on your side with changes affecting your cool. they have eliminated so-called low-quality sites on google with a cheap but useless content. troubled actor charlie sheen will get his first television interview to abc news. he sat down with abc, talking about his controversial remarks and his feud with the creator of
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"two and 1/2 men." the special will air on 2020 -- 20/20 this tuesday night. parts of california are shivering and dealing with a rare winter snowstorm. this video is from burbank. just enough to build a small snowman. residents say they have not seen snow and burbank in more than 60 years. the oscars in hollywood tomorrow night, cold, but no snow. cold in l.a., frost advisory tonight. bumble up. it will be cold up there. we are looking for a double that of a warm up the next couple days. looking outside, mostly cloudy skies at this hour. the temperatures holding at 41 degrees. keep in mind, burbank, the
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temperature is 41 degrees. feels like 34 of with the wind chill factor, the wind out of the south at 12. a high temperature today, 49 degrees. one degree below average this time of year, on track or we should be, currently 39 at her. university, wind gust -- currently 39 at howard university. at 36 brandywine, maryland. the win for the most part has settled down. down towards fredericksburg, the wind out of the south at 6. 43 winchester, gaithersburg 37. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, the clouds are approaching from the west. we will look for the clouds to increase overnight. the satellite radar, earlier
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today, allegany county, sprinkles, not a lot. the bigger story was to the west. that is where they had it snow across portions of ohio into michigan. 28 detroit, but if you are looking for the core of cold air, minneapolis, the winter still hanging on, three degrees. we have a clash of air masses the next 24-48 hours. 2 degrees warmer at reagan national than yesterday. we are looking for a bump in temperatures tomorrow, the surface map shows that nasty winter weather to the north. the high pressure moves off toward the east. then a cold front approaches. first, a warm front arrives tomorrow, may touch off sprinkles, not a lot.
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the bigger story is monday, the cold front clashing with the warmer, moist air, potential of severe thunderstorms. mostly cloudy and cool tonight, 32-38. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. a late afternoon showers, best chance to the south and west. mid-50s toward the maryland- pennsylvania border, lower to middle sixties at south of the d.c. mid-70s monday, a big cool down tuesday and wednesday. the temperatures back to 50 degrees, but currently, the temperature right now is the same as in burbank. >> if only it was the good weather that we like. still ahead, while hundreds of
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tonight, hundreds gathered
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at the ritz carlton in tysons corner for a good calls. it was for the greater washington region heart association. leon harris and jennifer donelan were proud to host tonight. why don't people get dressed up for us? >> i don't know, look at this. let's talk about the capitals and the wizards, trying to get back into the victory column after tough losses last night. and stick around for what is likely the shot of the year.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the washington capitals in new york, out without mike green, in canada after the death of his grandmother. alexander ovechkin was on hand. the capitals in early, the islanders taking nine shots before the capitals got there first. the capitals' defense was shaky.
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new york adds another tally, and caps decide to wake up. in the third, it was all capitals, around the defender, polk been. we are tied. the capitals again, alexander ovechkin, alexander semin, off the post, rattles in. the capitals turned the page, they beat the islanders. the wizards trying to rebound from a tough loss last night, at home against the dallas mavericks. josh howard came over and the deal, so the wizards played hard tonight. jason kidd, and he scores. the mavericks running now. to much size from dallas.
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he shoots, he misses, breaks it down. john wall, rebound past. tyson chandler with a big game, slamming that home. the wizards come back. here is the play of the night. nick young up, on the drive. watch this. 360, and it goes in. maybe the shot of the year. the wizards clothes, not close enough, they lose. -- the wizards close, but not close enough. that we are extremely happy how they have competed. we are playing better, moving the ball better. unfortunately, we're planning really good teams now. georgetown with another classic beast battle against syracuse, at verizon. chris wright, out the rest of
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the regular season. the georgetown hoyas, poor shooting on the day. tied at 43-43. thompson freeman, the shot off, the rebound, georgetown with its first lead of the game. syracuse would not be denied. the tough fadeaway, goes down. again, the clock winding down, from way out there, that is good. georgetown would never recover. they lose. 10-6 in conference, not a good day for the hoyas. and congratulations to the virginia tech hokies, upsetting top-ranked duke. 64-60. it may be the signature victory they need to get into the big dance. i say it is. [ male announcer ] achievement: embraces mondays.
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pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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we have a nice warm up on the way, then things unravel from there, 60 degrees the high temperature to more. that is about 10 degrees warmer than on our temperature saturday. then showers and thunderstorms late monday. part of a strong cold front. after that, cooler, air, but or 50's tuesday and wednesday, no complaints. 50 degrees is about where we should be this time of the year. >> the spring is on the horizon. thank you.
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